ASICS 'Support Your Marathoner' Site Was A Great Premise, But..

When ASICS put up the Support Your Marathoner website and joined it with electronic support for the runners during the LA Marathon, it was a well received idea and I thought it was awesome.  A way for me to support my wife and her sister remotely.

It was a great idea.  But OMG, the execution of the site killed me and now, rather than warm fuzzies about the site, I have nothing but emotions of frustration when I think if the site.


When my wife sent me a link to Support my Runners, I jumped on it.  But registering for the site was a challenge.

The site seems slapped together and very non-intuitive.  Once I did figure it out, it would not let me register.  It just stared blankly back at me.

The next day I tried again, and bam!, I got to register.  Now, I wanted to go support my wife and her sister.  I first uploaded two pictures for them to see somewhere along the route. And so I registered to support them.

Getting the pics uploaded was painful at best.  It kept cropping what I provided, no matter what I provided in whatever cropped format.  But finally, Whoo hoo!  I'm done.  Or so I thought. 

Remember now, I registered as a supporter.  Or at least, I followed links that indicated for supporters to register as.


During the run, my wife's sister saw her picture that I uploaded for her but my wife did not see hers.


I thought I'd go see what happened.  Once I figured out that to see my profile was to click on "My Marathon," things didn't seem right.  Wha???

So after having gone back in to the "" all I can find are options to fill in my run time and to leave thanks for my supporters.  That alone, seems contradictory to the website name/link.

And later, it seems that even though I signed up for supporting my wife and her sister, they had no supporters.


I think this idea was brilliant.  The execution needed a huge amount of work to make it intuitive, fun and friendly.

ASICS, premise:  Awesome
Execution: Epic Fail!

Hey marathoners from Los Angeles:  INCREDIBLY WELL DONE... no matter what the time.
Here, check this video out... you might be able to relate and it's damn funny!