Angry Birds: Star Wars Makes Me Angry

Angry Birds was all the rage and still is I presume.  And Star Wars is all the rage, and definitely still is.  Especially since ABC/Disney bought the franchise.

So I must declare that it's a cute combination of franchises when you have Angry Birds: Star Wars.

I love the little digital Millennium Falcons, AT-AT Walkers, and various other elements from the franchise.


I must say, I've never had a video game that pummeled me with so many ads, ranging from videos for games and movie trailers.  If this little app that could, definitely makes the most of, and does.

But I must say, they might take the hint, and quit drilling home their After Earth movie trailer.  It's official, it's a bomb and no amount of annoying movie trailers in my battery-sucking video game is going to make me go see it.

It's as simple as that!  And to be honest, I'm not sure that mobile game app players are the target demo for movies.  Are they?  I could be wrong!  But I have to say, at times I forget about the trailers, then there are times that after every round, I have to get out of the game or movie trailer.

I'm not sure what they consider to be excessive, but for me, this is.  That's why I don't play it that much.  It all depends on the tolerance levels I have for this marketing crap.