Cheerios Forced To Close Comments On YouTube Ad with Interracial Couple

Cheerios was forced to shut down the comments on their YouTube channel to one of their ads because the interracial couple portrayed pulled in a horrendous amount of hate speech on their channel's video.

The anonymity of the web helped pull some closed-minded folks out of their own closets!


I choose to not believe that in this day and age, we still have people that hate people because they are different from them and their own lifestyles.  I don't get hating different religions, races or lifestyle choices.  And yet, despite my wanting to believe the best in people, I still get reminders day in and day out.

What ever happened to "live and let live?"  "Let bygones be bygones?"

In one recent example the Boyscouts might be pretending to be tolerant, but they still won't allow gay scout leaders.  And then when they changed their policies on members and their beliefs or lifestyles, parents started pulling their kids out of the organization.

And we're still fighting same-sex marriages.

Seriously, why would someone folks have nothing to do with, actually bother folks into getting riled about them?  Why does it matter that two women or men want to be married?  It's a choice THAT DOES NOT IMPACT ME.  It's a desire and folks should be more understanding. OR AT WORSE, just ignore it and move on.  Why would folks get so vocal about something that goes against their own beliefs, that they have to spend time, money and energy to verbally rally against it?  Let it be and move on.

And now there's this most recent event.

Cheerios has an ad with an interracial couple, and when it they put it on their Youtube channel, they were forced to shut down the comments on the video because of all the closed-minded, racist commentary.

Reactions from parts of our society ranged from the standard, "I want to vomit," "I will boycott," to name calling the company Nazis, troglodytes and referenced "racial genocide" and so forth.

Apparently it continued until the abuse of the comments section forced the company to shut the comments off, but Cheerios left the ad up.

Cheerios later made a statement that, "Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all."

You Go Cheerios!


Did you know that in 2012, Cheerios had another ad with two black siblings in it that also sparked a similar reaction?

UM... I don't know about you, but I'm guessing some folks walk down the street with rose-colored glasses on and look down at the sidewalk and never notice what's going on around them.

Which is freedom of choice and lifestyle.

I'm guessing they also haven't noticed President Obama yet.

At the moment census reports indicate that around 7% of married couples are interracial, and that number doubles in the co-habitation category.  Those numbers skewing more towards the west coast.


We all have our own believes.  You have yours, I have mine.  But it's rare that you know what mine are or that it impacts how I treat others.  I know what makes me tick.  I see what makes others tick, and how life evolves, how it works.

In fact I'm always curious when someone believes something radically different, how they think about it.  It's an awesome learning experience for me, to understand the mindset.  Sometimes it enlightens a short-sighted aspect of my own.

So the next time I see a picture of a dog nursing kittens, or ducklings following around a pig, I guess I should scream genocide and the end of all decency as I know it?

No... I call it cute.  I call it life happening.  But that's just me.  I'm weird that way.

But every now and then, events like this Cheerios ad reminds me that I'm not surrounded by that many open-minded folks.  I'm saddened that folks still would rather take the easy route of hate, than the more challenging route of questioning old beliefs.

Oh, and I'm going to buy even more Cheerios products for them being supportive and for not backing down!


sources: NBC Charlotte FB, which got me digging around and I also found Daily Mail, & NY Post.


  1. well said... these are instinctive, Palaeolithic tribal fears unthinkingly perpetuated by those that are still struggling to accept fire and the advent of the wheel :)


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