Curiosity: Is Google Pulling The Wool Over Our Eyes with Google Plus?

Today I'm wondering why it is that all my blogs have started to fail quietly together.  Even after taking the bait about Google's Authorship, they're not only fading, but when I started to actively participate with this "plan," my traffic took even steeper traffic declines.  LOL.

Here's a quick recap of my experience and observations:

Google starts up Google Plus to contend against Facebook.  It didn't seem to catch on with the general web-surfing public.

While this was happening, Google was in the process of changing up the search engine game with their Panda and Penguin updates.  These updates changed the game by making it much harder for the little guy or new start-up to get any search engine traffic.  (Unless you bring your own followers.)

In the process of changing things up, Google comes up with what they call Authorship.  This new functionality is, wait for it, connected to Google Plus.  In other words, you have to log in and participate with Google's new Facebook.

It's not an official process yet, but this is all in anticipation of upcoming hopes and such.  Supposedly Authorship will give more umph in search results. So if you run multiple websites, they'll all either benefit or burn all at once.

This is what I gathered via all the larger, social media expert websites out there.  Who are on G+, and brought their thousands of hopeful webmaster fans with them to the newest social channel.

So Google Plus got a great boost from a subset of power bloggers that say it works.  (For they, who already have traffic.), the small guy is still quietly, tumbling out of the search engine results.


As the internet grows, the death of the small, upstart website/blog seems imminent.  Or, as I call many of them, the rehashers.  At some point a few years ago Google said they wanted to devalue the rehasher's content to that the originating sources get credit for their content.  And that makes sense.

What I don't get is how participating with Google Plus will help content rank.  (At least today.)

I did a test and nothing on Google Plus shows up in search results from the basic web search from Google.  Is that weird or contradictory? 

Here's the interesting aspect.  It's being said that "Google+ is an excellent content sharing platform."  I guess that would be accurate, except that you can't search G+ in the basic Google web search platform.  If you're in the G+ search window, then you can find stuff, but not if you're outside in the regular world of search.

So at the moment there doesn't seem to be any advantage to search results on Google, for anything on G+.  (For now).

Of course, the standard social network recommendations are being applied to this platform...  Participate, share great content, etc., etc..  It works great if you have the following and or you have just the right folks following you when you spark something unique and interesting that they want to follow.

But for the little guy, I'm not holding my breath.

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