Pet Owners Alert to (Summertime) Poisons

On occasion, I come across articles on items that are poisonous to pets.  It can be rather surprising sometimes to see what can or cannot be bad for your dog. (Or pets in general sometimes.)

For instance, the premise of feeding your dog something you enjoy, could be a bad idea.  That's because of some compounds in certain foods can act like toxins in an animal or cause serious conditions.

Today I've compiled a quick list and farther down, a link to the ASPCA's top-10 things poisonous to your pets:

Caffeine (coffee grounds, beans or tea)
Chemicals for pools, (duh?)
Chocolate, (that means more for me!)
Fats from ham, chop or steak,
Grapes/raisins, (this surprised me)
Macadamia nuts,
Pain killers for humans (don't self-diagnose),
Salt water (if they start drinking it, stop them),
Sunscreen, (for some reason, my dog likes it)
Xylitol (sweeteners and chewing gum),


There was one surprise item that came out recently, and that was chocolate-based gardening cover

But don't take my word for it.  Check with your own local vet or scour the web for more information.  This is an abbreviated list of things to be worried about.  Some are obvious, while others are not.

Other resources:

ASPCA Top-10 List of Toxins,,

PetPoisonHelpLine (a HUGE list)