Twitter Has Selective Email Notification Settings

Would you look at that?  Even though I've actively turned off every notification option within my Twitter accounts, I am a still getting sales pitches from Twitter itself.

For some reason, silly me, I thought turning off all notifications would stymy these sales pitches from Twitter, but I was guessing wrong.



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The sales pitch would have been irresistible, if I wasn't already immune to such wastes of time and money.  It's great to drop a dime on this plans.  They do seem promising, much like when real estate agents by magnetic signs for the side of the cars.  But the turnover rate, versus the actual cost of hoping never seems to pan out.

If you are an established commodity, these things work better for you than if you're the small-fry in the skillet.  That's because the known name or large commodity entity is already known in some fashion, so when their name pops up in advertising, it's more of a reinforcement, or an acknowledgement that it's OK to follow the ad.

But an unknown...  not so much.

I spent a few years in the real estate industry, and yes, I was dropping precious money on advertising schemes and scams that looked exciting.  Or, desperately answered my hopes.

Either way, there is no opt-out for these Twitter ad emails, at least under my account settings.

OOPS, wait, there it is... in extremely tiny print at the bottom of the email, the famous "unsubscribe" link that's required by the man (the law).  Sweet.  So if you're getting these ads and don't want them, check out the very bottom of the text... you'll see your out.


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