Wait, Exercising Three Times a Week is Old News?

Every few years a new piece of "advice" or insight comes along about one thing or another.  Over the years, the amount of exercise one does has varied, depending on who you listen to, or who you anchored to and what not.

What has always stuck in my head has been that three times a week, for at least ten minutes advice.  No, I don't do it. I run at least three times a week, for multiple miles, so I have the ten minutes thing down.

But now, a new study suggests something all together different... but the same.

Folks from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, found out via their own studies that if you work out moderately to vigorously, at least 150 minutes a week, is the beneficial minimum.

What's interesting is that they say it doesn't matter if you do it a few times a week or in multiple bursts of exercise sessions per week. As long as you hit that 150 minute mark, you should see benefits from the effort.

(I wonder if that means, if I run like hell to the bathroom every time, run back to the couch....  run to the refrigerator... run back...  run to the car (to go to McDonald's) I think I can add that up over the week!)

What I like about the study they did is that it included over 2,000 test subjects over a four-year period.

I like when studies use a decent number of participants over a decent study period!

For those of you interested,

Here's a quick outline recap,

And the real, detail oriented folks, the actual study report!

Bruce E. Simmons
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