Golden Gate Bridge Now Doing License Plate Photo Program

Not sure if you were aware or not, but now the Golden Gate Bridge is doing bill-by-plate! License plate that is.

So some day you might be meandering through the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza and think to yourself how nice that the toll plaza was closed this time through.

But instead, two weeks later, you will get a bill for $6 for crossing the bridge.

What's more, be careful when sending a check.

A peer of mine sent a check in a very timely fashion, but she was still bill the penalty fee of $31 because they had not "seen" her check yet.  She said it has not cleared and the woman on the phone she talked to said that

"It's a new process and the check is probably sitting on someone's desk."

That doesn't seem like a good system where drivers might get dinged for more money if a check is still sitting on a desk somewhere!

So careful, be wary and pay that bill pronto when you get it!

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