People That Poison Dogs (or any animal) SUCK (add choice term here)

Be warned, hitting a soft spot, I sort of let loose in this piece a bit.

Dogs getting poisoned in San Francisco
This innocent victim is Oskar, and he died because he ate a poisoned meatball left behind by some scum-suck of a sub-human, who, for whatever reason, has decided to leave tainted food treats around the San Francisco area.

The jerk or jerkette, is lacing meatballs with strychnine.

Hey jerk-wad, maybe you should taste test your work first to make sure you laced the meatballs correctly!!!

At one point, police had collected over 100 meatballs.  So this isn't some random bullshit, but someone with some demented bent about killing anything that might snack on the food bits.  (This could also include homeless folk hungry enough to eat stuff off the ground.)

Most of the poisoned food came from the Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights regions of San Francisco.


Bottom line, when you're out and about with your furry family member, keep a close eye on them to make sure they aren't eating something they shouldn't.

A slow death by poison (Oskar didn't die immediately, but rather, he suffered to his untimely death) sucks and the animal and the human who suffered the loss of her beloved dog doesn't deserve this kind of agony.

And I haven't seen any new updates on whether the scum-f*! has been captured or not.  There's a $2k reward out for info leading to his arrest. (See link)

[NBC Bay Area News]

UPDATE 7-30-13:  I just came across a news piece about Justin, the Fire Survivor kitty.  Apparently someone set him on fire.  A kitten.  Yes, some a-hole set a kitten on fire.  WTF?  How off in the head can one be, to want to do things like that to an innocent animal?  There's no word on if this individual was caught but there are times I'd love to see the "civil rights" of criminals be removed when they violate others' rights, and have the biblical eye-for-an-eye process instated!

Here's the piece on Justin, the Fire Survivor Kitty, and it has a good ending.  Thank god for good people in this world.

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