Thesis 2.1 Has An Official Release Date - Oh Goody, I Can't Wait! (Snark!)

The folks behind Thesis is releasing Thesis 2.1 on July 16th

If version 2.0 had actually been useful/usable to the common man, I'd be pretty excited.  But since it's a black box inside a black box, with no or little accompanying documentation, my excitement is on par with listening to Karaoke...  sober.

In other words, if you don't know what you're doing, programming wise, you won't know what you're doing with Thesis.

They do make fun of themselves by saying the release date is not a "Chris Pearson release date," because those are mystery date targets that don't happen quite on time.

They're pretty excited in their marketing pitch about 2.1, but then again, it is a marketing pitch.

They have what's called a "Classic Responsive Skin," with new design options.   Improved CSS experience, because, well, if you're a CSS expert, you'll love this.

They claim that 2.1 will make running my site easier.

But for the general blogging practitioner, who doesn't have time to learn CSS programming, blocks and square dragging, 2.0 was a disappointing mystery.  I've saved all my Thesis 1.85 files so I won't get left out in the cold when they stop supporting it.  (That's just my paranoia talking)

Or, as I've been doing, I've been considering CopyBlogger's stuff.  But I'll give Thesis a chance to see if I can make "intuitive" heads or tails out of this newest version.

Who knows, my faith in the system might get restored.  Maybe.