Wow, My Droid RAZR M Finally Had a Second Update!

Droid updates
If you recall, back on June 3rd I griped here on Consumer Bits about my Droid Motorola RAZR m doing random and untimely reboots without my asking it to.  Most of the time it was incredibly annoying.  It got to the point where I looked at my phone as undependable.

It was actually rather disappointing.  The update mucked with all kinds of things.  My screen saver was harder to turn off, my camera got a bit wonky, my screen brightness auto-detector became somewhat useless and using GPS and going indoors made my phone a hungry-hungry hippo for my battery juice.

At least those were the things I noticed.

Then to be a complete dick about it, I started updating my personal Twitter Account and Google Plus pages every time my phone rebooted itself.  To be honest, I've had great luck with posting bits about things on Twitter and having company reps reply to those tweets.

Not so much for Motorola.  I guess they were too busy working on the new patch patch!

Right now I'm on Android Version 4.1.2; System version 98.18.78.XT907.Version.en.US

Maybe this new update will fix the things noted above.  I hope.

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