Facebook Changes Are On The Way (Please, Don't Be Stupid About Them)

OK folks, Facebook just called "Incoming!!!"

I've recently received an email indicating that Facebook (FB) will be looking to update their "Data Use Policy and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" sections of your user agreement.

Before I Go A Step Further, I must warn you:

Facebook proposing changes means they WILL be making changes, but they are putting them out there for you to see first.  This way, the proactive FB user can be prepared.

The Warning:  Please, please, please, I am so hoping that no one I know falls for the rumor and put up a post in their timeline saying that "Facebook does not have permission.... for this that and the other thing."

I'm sure you've seen them in times past, where thousands upon thousands of people post how FB doesn't have permission to change their policy, use their content, their image, their, well, activity.

Here's the problem:  If you're already signed up and signed on to FB, and you're already able to post that, you've already agreed to their terms and services, and your timeline is not a legal addendum to anything you've already agreed to.

Think about it for a moment.

It's like buying a car, getting the keys, then telling the car maker that their car does not have your permission to accumulate miles on the odometer.

Dudes!  You needed to do something about it before you bought the car, not after.  The same goes for signing up to use a social service. 

Once you agreed to those policies you didn't read, you are beholden to them.  Sorry.


The updates that Facebook say they're doing indicate that,

    Your information. We clarified that you share information with Facebook when you communicate with us, like when you send us an email.

    Other information we receive about you.  We simplified the explanation for how we receive information and clarified the types of information we receive when you use or run Facebook, including from your devices, such as your IP address or mobile phone number.

    Personalized ads. We rewrote the entire advertising section to better explain what we thought was important for people to know about how we use the information we receive to provide relevant ads to people on and off Facebook

Further more, they do make interesting points on content:

You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.

you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP (intellectual property) content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

When you use an application, the application may ask for your permission to access your content and information as well as content and information that others have shared with you.

- - -

I find it interesting that they do present the situation to the users reminding them that they do own their own content.  I like that they address that.

But it goes on how they will redistribute as they see fit, until you choose to delete it.  There's other subsequent language in there about when you delete things, you need to understand that copies in cache will persist for a period of time and other deets.

With that said, below is the email I received this morning, and I presume, every single other FB user received.  (Dang, that's a lot of email)

If you are interested and make the time, below that, I provide links to the pages necessary to peruse their policies.

We Can Still Have Fun...

Being mildly evil, sometimes when I see folks out there posting their personal modifications to their timeline, thinking it will have any impact...  I take a quick peek... if I think they left something out that might sound important, I leave a comment/note for them.  Hehe.

If they're going to buy that rumor about the posting, hook, line and sinker, what the heck, let's have some more fun with 'em!

I can't help myself.  People can be so fun!

= = =

Email notification:


We're writing to let you know that we are proposing updates to our Data Use Policy and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. These two documents tell you about how we collect and use data, and the rules that apply when you choose to use Facebook. Our goal with these updates is to make our practices more clear.
We update these documents from time to time to make sure we keep you posted about the latest things you can do with Facebook. This email describes the key changes we've proposed and directs you to places where you can learn more.
What's being updated and why?
Both documents have new language to help you better understand:

    How advertising works on Facebook
    What to expect when it comes to using your name, profile picture, content and personal info with ads or commercial content
    How to control or remove apps you've used
    What data you're sharing with mobile devices

Like always, we won't share the private information that you put on Facebook with advertisers without your permission.
What should you do and when will the updates happen?

You can review all the updates on our Site Governance page's Documents tab and over the next seven days leave comments on that page to give us feedback. Please take some time to read through everything and let us know what you think. If your comments lead to more updates, we'll post those on the Site Governance page, too.

To stay up to date on similar topics, please like our Site Governance and Privacy pages. And, if you want to learn more about how we show you interesting, relevant ads, or how cookies and similar technologies help us do so, please visit our Ads and Cookies pages. We hope you find these resources helpful.


- - -

Facebook Policy Links

Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents,

Data Use Policy,

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

-  Bruce

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