Google Says Use NoFollow Links in Widgets and Infographics... What?

SEO suggestions: Making Website Widget Links nofollow

I just learned that Google hates widgets and the links within widgets.

Well, they may not hate them, but apparently they have made a recommendation to make links within widgets as nofollow links.  And that has folks concerned, being as how all links to all things count for ranking.  Or at least used to.

But with this new trend over the last year or so, with Google employing the "help" of webmasters to disavow bad incoming links and what not, this seems like something folks need to pay attention to.


If you use a lot of widgets on your WordPress based site, you had best have checked the "nofollow" options for the links.

If you've hand built some of your widgets using the text widget (um, uh ho.), I'm guessing someone like myself needs to get in there and fix a few (dozen) links or so.

Now obviously my sites rank about as high as pond scum.  But then again, for those in the know, pond scum can actually be pretty important in the realm of life.

So How Do You Make a Link a Nofollow Link?

Per a Google support page, all you need to do is add


To any link, as in this example:  sign in


Devil's Advocate:

If you check out my source link, you might notice a fascinating trend of distrust of Google's recommendations.  And I get it.

For one... they always suggest using source links.  Or, tell them who the real site that deserves credit, actually is.   Another aspect is that Google is desperate to start finding more "web spam" and are now targeting internal links.

Other comments reference a ton of critical sites out there that suddenly need to comply with Google?  Or is Google again gaming the web to help GooglePlus's stance on the web?

Or, as a few folks chiming in seemed to agree on, "All google links are good. All other links are bad."

I suppose if you're suspicious enough, you can just wait this out and see what happens to your site traffic.  Or, as someone I was chatting with, do a massive 'nofollow' campaign to all links pointing back to Google. 

Resources:  .seroundtable.,

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