Menlo Park: What Is All The Street Construction Going on Downtown?

I'm sure any resident might have taken note of all the construction going on, on Santa Cruz Ave., in downtown Menlo Park.  The construction crews have been crazy busy for the last several weeks.  Heck, this morning I took note that they started working on Menlo Ave sections, along the side of downtown Menlo Park.

So what's going on?

A buddy of mine said everything they're doing looks like they're preparing the streets for parking meters and the power required to run them.

I didn't like that conjecture one bit!  Turn Menlo Park into a pay-parking mecca?  That would be shameless.

But instead, (don't falter folks!), I found the information talking about the downtown street construction.

In one bit of information, I saw where all this construction is for irrigation as they plan on sprucing up the city with more landscaping.

I still can't help but wonder why there are so many electrical installations going up and down all of Santa Cruz?

But for now, it seems all is not lost, and this is for the beautification of Menlo Park! (<- at="" br="" can="" check="" construction="" link="" out="" the="" this="" updates="" you="">

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