US Postal Service Can't Even Deliver A Present

It's been said that the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is slowly losing ground in the industry they once had a monopoly on.  And over time, with the few experiences my family has had with them, I'm not surprised.

For instance:  Each time I've had issues with a post carrier, and I eventually get a hold of their supervisor, they've always told me how I can reach the mail carrier to talk to them.

What?  How lame is that?  One has a problem with an employee of theirs, and the boss says it's between you and them.  WTF!!!???  That's about as lame as it gets if you ask me.

This has happened a few times with me and my family.

The latest epic fail?

Sending a small piece of jewelry in an envelope with a letter.  For some reason we questioned it's ability to get to it's recipient.  But we sent it any way.  Trusting in the system.

And when the letter got there, the small piece (very small) of jewelry was pulled out through a rip in the envelope and the letter was delivered, sans gift.

So at this point, I'm guessing the USPS aren't as picky as who they're hiring any more, aren't paying them enough obviously, and don't give a crap about the little details.

It's a shame, that's for sure.

Go UPS! 

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