You Have to Get A Kick Out of Some Website's Schemas

So there you are, on the web... you see a distressing headline from the Huffington Post about a celebrity in critical condition.  You hurry over to that post to see the news on this person.  You are horrified to read the details about this star.  And then, there, below this terrible news article, is a picture gallery of the hottest stars today.


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Or better yet, as you look up this celebrity on the web, you might come across a site like SheKnows.  The terrible news is there too.  But this article about the medical tragedy is peppered with news items between paragraphs like "5 Reasons The Bachelorette is better than The Bachelor" or "Juan Pablo 101: Get to know the new Bachelor."

All, while fans are reading terrifying news reports on the star.

To be honest, these are all honest, web traffic-grabbing tactics every single website tries to employ to retain site visitors.

On of my favorites is the sad-ass tactic of finishing all posts with a question to bait readers into commenting.  (Yes, with no respect for your own intelligence, they believe you can be baited into desired internet behavior)  In this case, I noticed one site asks if you're praying for this star?  LOL. (At the question, not the situation.)

One of my next favorite tricks is "Must See" or "Must Read" headlines.  Seriously?


I can't imagine most of my readers fall for that crap.  I don't deploy these tactics in an artificial way.  But if you do see them on any site I run, they're honest developments of something I wrote.  Usually, I'm excited and I'm asking my five readers what they think! 

Today's piece was motivated by these practices of websites pumping out a tragedy while pushing glorified alternate headlines in the middle of the article.  It just hit a button.

It's like watching a TV show about someone who kills themselves using plastic bags, and the story is cut up with ads for Glad Trash bags.  I can't tell you how many times a TV show has thematically inappropriate  TV ads.  (AND THEY'RE STILL LOUD!!!)

At some point, a website can show it cares, by pulling or modifying what they're pumping out to the site visitor.

I have sidebar ads on my sites that I have no control over.  But some of these sites that have some serious dollar to drop on staff and programmers, and they should know or do better.

At least if they care about their site visitors.  How hard can it be to have appropriate ads, or properly set tags and categories?  Just sayin'.

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