Saturday, September 28, 2013

Recalls: Growing Spiders, Blenders and Travel Trunks

Hey gang...  below are some toys made of water absorbent material that can be swallowed and once that happens, becomes an issue.  We have breaking blenders and kids travel trunks with sharp handles.  That's never good.

And remember, if you think anything here impacts you, check out the recall website (link at bottom of piece) and search for the products and titles provided.


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"Eco-Novelty Recalls Jumbo Size and Jumbo Multipurpose Cosmo Beads Toys Due to Serious Ingestion Hazard"


"Be Amazing! Toys Recalls Monster Science Growing Spiders Due to Serious Ingestion Hazard"

Hey, if you or anyone you know might have bought their kids some of these toys, they're being recalled because they can be mistaken for candy.  And if eaten, they expand and can cause internal obstructions.


"Frigidaire Recalls Professional Blenders Due to Laceration Hazard"

The blade shaft can break... that ain't good.  The recall involves Frigidaire Professional© brand blender model FPJB56B7MS with a serial number between FFP 49 1203 0001 and FFP 49 1237 00974.



"Toys R Us Recalls Journey Girl Travel Trunks Due to Laceration Hazard"

It seems that the handles are too sharp and can cut little ones.


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