Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amazon Search Fail, An Observation

Have you ever noticed that the Amazon search function has some serious flaws at times?  It's amazing how I can look for item 'one two three,' and after a few decent results, you start seeing things whose names might or might not have parts of 'one two three' in them.

You would think it's a flaw, but if you were trying to sell things, you'd probably redirect clients left and right to sell as much as you can.

Here's a great chase around the tree search I had fun with:

The other day I was looking for the song, Counting Stars, by OneRepublic.

When I went to Amazon, doing a search for OneRepublic gave me the following list:

-Apologize     OneRepublic
-Good Life     OneRepublic
-Secrets     OneRepublic
-Counting Stars (Radio Version)     High Level Tunes
-Beethoven's 5 Secrets     The Piano Guys-Good Life     OneRepublic
-Counting Stars (In the Style of One Republic) [Karaoke Version]     Ameritz Karaoke Planet
-All The Right Moves     OneRepublic
-Apologize (Album Version) [feat. OneRepublic]     Timbaland


We played the Counting Stars (Radio Version) and it sounded right, but we noticed it wasn't from OneRepublic.  It was from High Level Tunes.

We did a search for 'Counting Stars one republic mp3' and received the following set of results by tribute bands from Amazon:

-Counting Stars (Radio Version)     High Level Tunes
-Counting Stars In The Style Of One Republic Instrumental Karaoke - Single     Instrummer
-Counting Stars (In the Style of One Republic) [Karaoke Version]     Ameritz Karaoke Planet
-We'll Be Counting Stars     Zap Monkees
-Counting Stars (Original Version)     Cyriaque
-Counting Stars in the Style of One Republic [Karaoke Backing Track]     Sunfly Karaoke
-Counting Stars (Karaoke Version) [In the Style of One Republic]     Karaoke Universe
-Counting Stars (Originally Performed By One Republic) [Karaoke Version]     Karaoke NYC
-Counting Stars (In the Style of One Republic) [Karaoke Version]     The Karaoke Studio
-Counting Stars (In the Style of One Republic) [Instrumental Version]     The Karaoke Studio
-Counting Stars (Acoustic Version)     Cyriaque
-Counting Stars (Instrumental Version)     High Level Tunes
-Counting Stars     We'll Be Alright


If you notice, not a single result from OneRepublic.

I was befuddled.  I had to leave Amazon, ind the song on iTunes, discovered what album it was a part of there.  Then I went to Amazon, looked up the album with "one republic native mp3" but we got Waking Up MP3 Exclusive.  But no Counting Stars.

I finally did the search for "one republic mp3," but no results.  Then just "one republic."

I finally did the one word version of their name, OneRepublic, and we finally saw the album in the results that we wanted and clicked on that.


This isn't the first time we encountered some funky search results from Amazon but was surprised that such a huge distributor had such iffy results for something I presume is much bigger than most of the stuff I search for.

Oh, btw, if you too were looking for the song/album, here you go:  Native (Deluxe) [+digital booklet]

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