The Amazing Stupidity Of Bringing Guns To the Airport

OK guys... anyone who knows anything, including flying on airliners knows that you don't bring things on aircraft (or to the airport for that matter) like things any larger than small pocket knives, uncontrolled fluids and the like. 

The idea, to me, is that you don't even consider taking anything like a gun on an airplane.

Does that not sound like a reasonable premise?

Knives brought to the airport statistics

Yes, to you and me.  But when a buddy of mine showed me the TSA blog, I was dumbfounded to see some of the things I saw on the blog!

The pictures in this article are of some items confiscated, THIS WEEK ALONE.  THIS WEEK.

Gun brought to the airport statistics

The above pic is not an ad for a gun sale.

I'm rather stunned by just how many and what people bring to the airport in their carry-ons.

And if you think these pics are crazy, take a look at this graphic below in how many guns were brought to the check-in line, loaded and/or chambered.

Gun brought to the airport statistics

And here you thought it was safe to be in or at the airport.

Nope, there are crazy silly people everywhere!

Wow, just wow.  Thanks Kevin for the heads up on the TSA blog.

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