Google Plus Texted My Wife, And She's Never Been On It

Google Plus texting non-users?
Here's a fascinating observation for you about something Google/Google Plus pulled off last night:

At 3 AM my wife's Android phone text alert screeched throughout the house (THANKS FOR THAT GOOGLE) that a text message had come in.  The message was asking my wife if she knows me and wants to connect with me on Google Plus.


Mind you, my wife has NEVER hit up an social media site except Facebook.  She does not do Twitter, Pinterest, and least of all, Google Plus.  I'm pretty sure she never knew it existed until this text message.

And I don't reference her in my Google Plus account.  I don't drag friends and family into their awareness unless they're already signed up for it.

Yet when I first hit up G+, the first name in my "You May Know" section is my wife's name.

When I click on her name, the only info there as that her Gender is male.

The only way she could have possibly found herself with a G+ account was when I signed her up for her new phone a few years ago.  When we did, we had to create a Gmail account for her.  One she has never actively signed into, unless her phone does it for her in some fashion.

Why would Google Plus text my wife?

So the question remains, is why would Google overstep boundaries and create an account for her?  And why text someone at 3AM in the morning.

WTF Google, just w.t.f.?

Thank you for putting up with my rant.

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