How To Send Photos From Your iPhone or Smartphone

I had a question from a reader on how to share pictures with her friends from her iPhone.  She has images and she wanted to know if there was a way to share without taking screen shots.


It's an interesting question.  For some folks who adapt quickly or grow up with the internet technology, we don't think twice when we fire up our email and web browsers, and do our digital dance.

But not everyone has been using the tech as often or as long as other folks.  So when someone asks how to send pics via email, well, it's not too tough of a process, but for those new to the web, it's a valid question.

So the question presented, is how to send/share pics with friends via email.  In this case, how to share photos with friends, using Gmail on an iPhone.

I'm going to touch on first, using Gmail on my PC-based laptop, then touch on how I can send pictures via Gmail (or any other email app) on my smartphone.  (I don't have an iPhone, but the generic premises presented should be helpful.)

First, in my "PC" app, I hit my "compose" button and a "New Message" window pops up.

Like any other email window/application, I'd select or type my recipients names/email address(es) in the TO line, and fill in the "Subject" line.  Then I'd type my message.

TO ADD an image or images to the email, I'm going to attach it (or them) to the message.

At the bottom of the message is a symbol of a paperclip.

When I hover my mouse over that symbol, I have options to either "Attach files" or "Insert Photos."

I believe the best practice is to attach the images as files, versus inserting images into the text of an email.

Clicking "Attach files" will allow you to navigate your computer file system so you can select your image to attach to your email.  In most cases, you might be able to select one or more files to attach.  THEN send to your friend(s).

Just be aware that email ISPs might have size limitations on email attachments, so if you have huge image files, you might not be able to send them.  You'll find out when you hit send.


On my smart phone, my Gmail app has three dots in the upper right corner of my screen.  Tapping that brings up a menu, where one option is to select "Attach picture."

When you touch "Attach picture," (for me) I get an option asking type of attachment.  I chose "Gallery," since that's my smartphone's app for images which then takes me to my app and allows me to select my pic that I want to send.

Another method, one I tend to use more often than not, is when I'm looking at my pic, I can touch it and a menu shows up above my image.

One symbol that looks like this: " < " sort of, is a symbol for sharing.  When pressed, it gives me an option to choose programs.  One of them is my Gmail app.  You click it and it brings up your app, with the image already attached.

I can only assume that an iPhone may have a similar system or processes that would allow you to send images to your friends.

With your image on your screen, tap the screen and a menu comes up.  One option is "Email Photo."

Or probably something like that.

And that's what I have for ya!

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  1. Loved your post great help as I've just moved over from iPhone to Android, I transferred details as you advised but I had music on my iPad and can't see that moved over so I was wondering if it moves music over if not would you know how or if I can. Much appreciated.


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