RC Copters Have Very Short Flight Times

If You Want One of Those Helicopter Camera Gadgets, (QuadCopters) Check This Out First!!!

 Helicopter Camera Gadgets, (QuadCopters)

The other day while I was out playing with Vader, a few guys were toying around with one of those multi-bladed hovercraft that had a camera on it.  They were doing semi-low flyovers on Vader, but nothing crazy.

Sadly, this stirred my desire to have one of these toys.  They're looking like a lot of fun.

I found that the general reference on Amazon was QuadCopter.  And some of them, initially, look like they won't break my bank.

But then, I started looking more carefully and noticed in several instances that it takes forty minutes of charging for about 10 minutes of flight, depending on the model you end up buying.

Or in some cases, 30 minutes charge time gives you 5 minutes of flight.

That was a real deterrent.

(Oh, and the quadcopter that was buzzing us was a HeroPro model that runs for around $500.)

Yikes, me, I'm looking at the $30-100 models, if I even decide to do this!  But not sure I want to spend nearly an hour for 10 minutes of fun and I'm not sure I want to buy several back-up batteries so I can keep having fun.

But that's up to you!  Check them out:   QuadCopters on Amazon

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