BEWARE Amazon Kindle App Reader Version 4.30 Update!

Kindle Reading App update failed and cut me off from my books

UPDATE:  This was originally posted 12-17-13...  it's now 12-30-13 and they are still offering the sick version that won't let you log in to do anything.
UPDATE #2, dated 1-19-14: After another try updating the app, I then cleared the app's data under settings and the app behaved as expected!

The rest of the text here is from my first disappointing experience updating my reader app.
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Last night before going to bed, I was going to settle in, read a chapter of the latest book I was reading, then nodded off to sleep.  I noticed that there was an update to my Kindle Reading App, so I applied version 4.30.


In the update text, it even warns/says that

"This version requires customers to log in to migrate their collections...

... if you encounter difficulties, please reach out to customer support at...

I've never seen a "please reach out to customer support" message before with the app.  Or I've never looked close enough, but it's an important part of the message.  Did they expect some horrible event to possibly happen?  Apparently so.

I went ahead and updated my Kindle Reading App and BOOM, there I was, suddenly...

No books to read,

No books "on device" library,

My device was no longer a registered device,

The "register" option was not working,

and a few other things that were rather entertaining.


--Up until this point, I've been a strong proponent of the Kindle reading app, but at 1 in the morning, I found it challenging my desire to support the app.

I left messages via their support button,

I left a review of the app on the Google "Play Store" and noticed quite a few users were all having the same experience.  A lot.



I hit the "uninstall" button thinking I was going to get rid of the app altogether, but what the did for me was roll me back to the previous version I had on my Droid, but I was still suffering from the damage the update to v4.3 did...  not logged in, no books, etc., etc..

But once I did log in, I was able to re-download the book was reading.  Of course all my personalized settings needed to be reset.

So by 2am, I was good to go... even if I was getting up at 5am for work.

Nice going this time around Amazon!  This was a rather surprising "update," considering how bullet-proof (mostly) this app has been for me.


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