Champion Tees from Target - A Disappointing Observation

Target stores and poor quality tee-shirts sold
I used to think that Champion T-shirts were pretty decent tees.  Not top of the line, but decent enough.  But this latest batch that I bought from the 'credit-card-info-leaking' Target Stores seem to be saying otherwise to me right now.

The other day (metric speak for a few months back) I bought a bunch of Champion tees, on trust, and that trust is getting violated in a fast and certain fashion.

A few of the tee-shirts have started tearing open in the arm pit seam intersection after only wearing and washing them for a few times.  That seems way to soon for such wear and tear.

Then there's this weird, icky fitting a few others are starting to if I left them hanging in a closet for a year and my collars and shoulder zones are not falling properly onto my body. Instead, they're getting stiff and standing up in odd spots around my neck, not hanging on my body properly and other annoyances.

They also tend to shrink as soon as they get a chance in the dryer.  And not consistently... they shrink in odd and different spots.
 Wow, and not a good wow.  That's all I have to say right now about Champion and Targets.

On the bright side, so far, my Champion Hoodies are holding up nice and warm.

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