FACEBOOK Feed Resetting My Filters

Just a quick FYI on your Facebook feeds.

Of late, Facebook has been modifying their feed filters once again to provide the best possible experience for their users. (That's tech speak for making the platform as desirable as possible to their advertisers.  [Which is necessary for the platform to remain free for our use.])

But I noticed that a few of my friends were grumbling about their broken feeds.  Then I noticed a few things odd about my own feeds.  There were weird posts that were sometimes days old, showing up in my feed.

That's when I revisited my "SORT:xxxxx" function in my FB feed.  Monday morning I had noticed that my sorting was set to "Top Stories." But I didn't think much of it, being as how they (the powers that be at Facebook) were reportedly mucking with their feed algorithms.  (You know,... the algo that stops putting updates in your feed from Liked pages and friends if you don't interact with them in a sufficient fashion.)

But today I noticed the same thing in my personal feed, where content that should be showing up in my feed wasn't.  I did a double check, and sure enough, my sorting function had resorted back to "Top Stories," despite my fixing it yesterday.

It's almost annoying enough that items in my feed leap to the front when someone comments on them, but you do have to keep an eye on those basic settings when FB gets to updating the inside of their software engine.

The moral of the story is to keep abreast of your account settings on a monthly (weekly if you're concerned enough) basis to make sure that your Facebook experience is the exact experience you are expecting to have.
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