Menlo Park's ACE HARDWARE Ruins Christmas

For those of you who live in our around Menlo Park, CA, you have probably seen or even visited the Ace Hardware in downtown.

Last year they took over an extra section of the building they're in and presented a wonderful little Christmas store section full of neat trinkets and decorations and what not.  To be honest, I wish I had taken a picture of it.  The aisles were very originally designed and the place had the feel of something fun.  Something special. I liked going in there.  It was unique, inventive and creative.

This year, it's a completely different beast.

This year, they've added the stock shelving units that they have in their regular store, lined them up just like the regular part of the store and that extra neat atmosphere we had in the store last year is completely gone.  Now it's just another sterile retail space.

It's stark, in comparison to the neat setting they had last year.  Now, it's just another resource to buy things and I have no compulsion to go in there.  (Last year, I went in almost every weekend, and ended up buying a few things I might normally have not bought.  This year... no worries there. 

I'm bummed.  My guess is that having that extra section last year might have worked well enough to motivate them to do it again, but this time, they're doing it with maximum profit in mind.

I get that.  It's a business.  But this year, that's all it is now, just a business.

It was fun while it lasted last year.
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