Wordpress "Invalid Post Types" Error - One Fix Found

Wordpress "Invalid Post Types" Fix

For the last few months I've been having problems in my WordPress blog when I select more than one post or more than one tag, and try to accomplish a "Bulk Action" on my selection, I kept getting various errors.  The most common being "Invalid Post Types."

Other errors were messages about bad lines in various modules.

I did a billion searches on the error message and gave a few things a try and then another few ideas, but nothing seemed to work.

I'm usually pretty loathe about the idea of disabling my plugins, but I finally broke down and started the analysis process.  And since I was doing this, I went for broke.

I disable ALL my plugins and tried a multiple post delete action, and it worked.

So it was a plugin!

I then started re-enabling 3 plugins at a time.  (I'm only using 16 plugins.)  And I found the culprit!

Sadly, it was one of my favorite plugins causing the issue, "Simple Tags v 2.32", designed for WP 3.5.

If anyone is on top of their game, you also know that we're up to Wordpress version 3.8!

After disabling Simple Tags and installing YARPP, things got better.

Not only was my issue gone, but my site seemed to start loading a bit faster.  I don't know if the site speed change is related or not.  But I do know that I have no more "Invalid Post Types" errors when I select multiple posts or tags for "Bulk Actions."

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