More Changes Impacting Users on Facebook (Unfollowing Posts)

Have you ever commented or liked something on Facebook, but then dozens upon dozens of other Facebook users pile on in and start commenting on the update you liked or commented on? 

Sometimes the conversation is fun to follow.  But at other times it devolves into raging idiocy.

I find on some posts, I do not have the patience/tolerance for the idiocy, because I get a little frustrated seeing all the email updates that my fellow Facebook peers are "contributing" to the post.

What I used to do is....

But Facebook made one of those changes that takes a useful setting and buries it, making the user dig around for it.

Now some of you might not have known that you can "stop notifications" from posts you've liked or left comments in.

Well, I'm here to tell you how the new way works in Facebook.

Say I leave an intelligent comment on "Stupid Commenting People" page on FB.... and within the hour, I have 75 new emails telling me what comments are being left.

Oh goody.  But how do you stop this?

It's easy once you know how....

Over on Facebook (PC platform.... there are many options lacking on the mobile versions)

-Click on the little "globe" that shows you updates,

-Scroll to the update telling you someone commented on something you liked or commented on.

-Put your mouse over the small update.  You will then see an 'X' appear in the right side of the update.

-The words "Turn Off" will pop up.

-Click the X and follow through, and this stops the notifications

No more updates, no more emails.