New York Gets Laws Regulating Puppy Mills

Puppy mills regulated in New York

Animals Have a Friend in New York Gov. Cuomo, as New York took a step in the right direction in regards to animal rights.  Or at least the protection of animals.

In a nutshell,

"Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a bill that enables local municipalities to enact and enforce their own laws governing commercial dog breeding facilities known as puppy mills -- and to crack down on breeders harder than the state ever has before"

What this new law does, is that it will give pet dealers a better oversight on the animals they sell, or in other words, now local governments within New York can require pet shops to NOT sell dogs from puppy mills.

They recognize that unlicensed mill operators try to constantly skirt the regulations with quick dog sales on the web and via private sale transactions.

And that kind of crap needs to stop.

YOU need to stop buying from organizations that pump out puppies, with no health oversights for the animals.

I'm glad to see this state start this measure.  But sadly, even though this is a good thing, it looks like they just buckled to multi-year pressure from the Humane Society and Lea Michele, from Glee.

If I take any thing from this, it seems that Cuomo signed the law just days after Michele wrote him a letter.

Hmm, I wonder if we can get Lea Michele to write fifty more letters?

source - huffington post.
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