A Curious Tidbit About Facebook Hashtags

A Curious Tidbit About Facebook Hashtags
I noticed something odd and deceitful about Facebook's new hashtag system.  Yes, they mega web entity has adopted Twitter's hashtag practices and it's somewhat useful.  But I found something curious about it.

Last week I put up a post that was trending pretty strongly in Facebook, according to analytic feedback they provide in your face.

And the moment I shared a piece of information with the trending hashtag, I was told that several thousand people saw my post.


But wait.  How'd I get thousands of fans in a single instant?  I barely have a few hundred!

It seems that their reporting process, when it involves hashtags, tends to be more of a global report than a local, this is your page, report.

So be aware and stay calm.  As exciting as the numbers look, that's not what's happening to your page post.

It's like "web traffic" numbers that are reported by Google Analytics versus what Google Blogger report.  Two totally different worlds where nothing matches up, even though it seems like it should.

But hey, who am I?  Just the small fry getting crushed by the Google machine!
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