Netflix and Amazon Prime Suggest They're Rising Prices

The other day I came across a piece about how Netflix is looking to raise prices, but for them, it's a tricky proposition, as they look to address the issue of their product being shared amongst friends and or families, without paying for the extra streaming.

They have an uphill battle.  They tried rising their prices before and that act was met with an unusual public backlash.  That backlash being thousands of customers signing off from their accounts.  This had Netflix rethink their idea.

But this time around, they are talking about setting up different plans... the sole account, the family plan, and what not.  Each one has its own set of restrictions or ability to stream to various or multiple sessions.

Though there are still aspects of the service that customers would love to see change.  Much like the ability to modify their viewing history and the like.


Amazon has put out the news that they too are thinking of raising their price for Amazon Prime.

For the uninitiated, Amazon Prime, for an annual fee, provides "free" 2-day shipping on everything you order from Amazon, for those distributors that participate in the program.  (Let me tell you, this 2-day delivery is AWESOME!)

It also allows you unfettered FREE access to a huge collection of movies and TV series.  And there's a whole bunch of extras on top of that, including a digital library of Kindle books.


Before you go off the rails on this price increase announcement let's think about this...  Amazon Prime has cost $79 per year for the last NINE years.  And as Amazon points out, shipping costs have gone up since the inception of Amazon Prime.

So I can accept this premise.  And as far as I'm concerned, I order enough product from Amazon to have it pay for itself several times over.  And this does not count the free entertainment they offer via the service.

Right now, there's no set schedule for when the price increase will take place, or if existing members will be grandfathered into the increase.

Regardless, if you order from Amazon more than a few times a year, or like watching movies and TV shows for free... well, this is almost the neatest thing since sliced bread.


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