Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GOOGLE NOW New Feature, Helps You Break the Law!

Google Now new feature

I saw a curious piece about how in the next or latest update to Google Now, the android app will now automatically let you know what traffic conditions are like for your drive to work, or wherever you travel to regularly.

It used to be that users would have to manually query Google Now to determine what the traffic on their route it like.

But now, if the 'always-on and watching you' app thinks you're on your way to work, it will now apprise you of any traffic conditions you might want to avoid, hence, you get an early warning.


I Can't Help Myself:

In other news, now more people will be picking up their cell phones to read or hear alerts, while they're driving!

Heads up!  But this goes along the lines of various news and traffic services pitching their live Twitter and Facebook updates to keep you abreast of traffic conditions.  Um?

Where's the collision avoidance app?



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