Motorola Droid RAZR M : Pushing Me To The Dark Side

Motorola Droid RAZR M : Pushing Me To The Dark Side
As time goes on, my Motorola (spelled Lenovo Owned) Droid RAZR M is testing me day and night.  When the phone came out of the box, as always, it was a sharp little phone.  But with each passing major update, something starts to go awry.  In my case, the capabilities of the on board camera ALWAYS start to degrade with updates.  (This isn't my first Motorola rodeo.)

Of late, the camera is getting slower and slower to respond to pressing the shutter button.

I've waited somewhere between 5 and 7 seconds for the camera to capture an image from the time I pressed the button.  By then, the grass is longer than it was when I wanted to take a picture.

My wife's Droid is starting to act the same way, and a few other folks I know with the same phone are starting to say the same thing about their Motorola products.  I smell something here!

Now, the phone is getting slower to respond to waking up so I can snap a picture of it.  At this rate, I'm going to miss the tortoise crossing my path!

Then this week, my wireless connector is turning white once or twice a day, cutting me off from my wireless hub at home.  I have to jazz it up by re-syncing the connection, forgetting and reattaching to it, or what not.  But it's just one more in a long line of issues starting to crop up with my Motorola phone from Google.

The last time a product pissed me off, it was the Samsung Omnia "smart" phone.  It was such a horrible venture into the field of smartphones, that I swore of Samsung.  No, not just Samsung phones, but ALL Samsung products, period.

Over on Twitter, I've had the distinct pleasure of airing some issues as time goes on with various products, and many times, the product support team answers.  But nary a peep out of Motorola.

Be it as it may, I'm seriously considering that after a long relationship with owning Motorola products, I might be heading for the hills of the iPhone world.

This is crazy, my suspicious mind seems to think something might be intentionally afoul that would force me to upgrade, while my logical side says that it's just becoming a POS phone whose maker doesn't isn't supporting it, for what ever reason.

I think I might take my Droid out to the desert for some target practice! Anyone want to join me?

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