OBERTO Makes The Best Packaged Bacon Jerky - Ever

Oberto Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky is the best bacon product ever

The other day I was in the grocery store picking up supplies for my office... the usual lunch stuff like soups and decent yet boring options.  And usually I make an attempt at a collection of healthy snacks if I can muster that.  It's my goal to keep me away from the vending machines here that have one nice low price for everything inside them.  And it works about 99% of the time.

On occasion, I snap up a package of jerky.  It's a fair protein source, though, with the amount of sodium contained in the product, well, it's a borderline healthier choice than chips, donuts and other crap.

But today something caught my eye that I instantly knew I had to try.

OBERTO "All Natural Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky."

Now as you or I both know, most of the time when someone tries to make something like something else, they tend to fail miserably.  Hence, when I buy something that's "like cotton candy," I hold my breath so I'm not extremely disappointed by their bullshit marketing.

"Made with 100% real bacon."

And with this product, the catch-phrase that I've been seeing a lot of these days, Applewood Smoked, was in the title.  And I'm thinking, sure, if you say so.  Maybe it was your starting point, but what did you do to it Oberto?

"High in Protein."

Over the years I've tried various packaged bacon that wasn't actually like the bacon we buy in the store.  I've tried frozen bacon (Meh!), pre-cooked bacon (Meh!) and even vegetarian attempts at soy-based bacon. (Especially meh!)  And even restaurants like Anne's in Menlo Park here sort of gets it right.  Many eateries never quite hit the mark for me, so it's not that I'm singling out Anne's, it's just my latest habit.

So I bought this "BACON JERKY" in apprehension.

"20% less fat than USDA Data for Pan-Fried Bacon."

I got to work, logged in to my computers, settled in for some data processing management, and popped open the package of Bacon Jerky.

It smelled incredible.  In fact, it smelled just like I fried up a pound of bacon for myself.  (Which, in my younger days, I used to do)

"Gluten free."

The folks at work can attest to my surprise in my first bite of this bacon jerky, because the moment I bit in and tasted it, I muttered out-loud, "Oh shit!"

No, that wasn't a bad "Oh shit," but rather, an exclamation that decried that this "jerky" will not be sitting around in my desk drawer for a month while I nibble on it.  In fact, it only took an hour to devour the entire package.

Yes, an hour was the best my will power could muster.  It's not tough as nails, it's not stiff, but it's yummy.  And yes, the obvious nutritional facts apply to this product of bacon.

This IS bacon, and the jerky treatment does nothing to diminish its bacony good taste or texture.  (The statements in quotes earlier on are from the packaging.)

In fact, this seems to be the best way to get the experience of bacon without the pan-splattering mess or pricey restaurant experience where you order an entire breakfast plate as an excuse to get 2-4 measly strips of bacon.

Oberto has something fantastic on their hands.  Especially for bacon fans.

To some degree, I'm glad I have not discovered this before now.  And on the other hand, I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid devouring pack after pack.  It's like I'll have to sit down, dial 9-1, and devour until that first pang of pain in my left arm, then hit that final "1!"

Being subtle that I am, I guess I should say that I recommend trying Oberto Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky for yourself.

Everyone at work agreed that it was damn good.  (I was trying to let people know about this yummy product, while getting rid of some of it before I destroyed the contents of the package for myself.  Thank god I'm running tonight.)

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