FACEBOOK Changes How You Post To Pages

Facebook Makes Changes To Page Management - May 2014

The other day I was posting some images from a Facebook Page to one of my own pages.  There were a few, so they were rapid fire postings.

Normally, I can be on a page, and when I "share" a post, I use the provided pull-down menu and select the page I want to share the item on.

Everything seemed fine, but then I noticed that even though I chose my page to post to, FB had my shared items be posted as myself, from my personal account.  And as anyone who knows this, personal posts to pages end up in the miniscule sidebar, where their posts go barely noticed.

It used to be (for me, as of 5-8-14) that if you went to your PAGE, you automatically assumed the identity of that page and could act as that page unless you chose otherwise in an option in the blue control bar.  IE:  Choose to act as my personal account rather than the page.

But that seems to no longer be the case.

Facebook has made some changes to the pages system that makes using the pages a little bit more complicated.

Or in other words, less seamless to populate with information.

Here's what I now am aware of after tooling around on Facebook:

As you cruise FB as yourself, you can find a page you might want to leave a comment on.  In the comment line, you have the option to choose one of your pages to comment as, or like as.  But choosing your page here will not allow you to share this discovered post to your page.

Facebook Changes Pages Management - May 2014

If you want to share a found post to your own page, you have to move your mouse up to the Upper Right corner of your blue control bar.  There's a small 'down arrow' looking button you can click on to choose to now act as your own page.

Then you can share your found post to your page.


The odd thing you need to know about is that when you choose your page, you are taken away from where you are and back to your own page.

What a PIA!

So in the old days, from one location, you could do it all and not lose your place in "line" on your feeds, but today you have to,

Tab A: stay on the post you're at,

Tab B: change surfing profile,

Tab C: share the content you want, where you want,

Tab D: return to your basic profile that starterd it all.

Tab E: Get back to your feeds.

I'm guessing they're trying to dissuade some one.

In other words,

Fortunately most web browsers have tabs these days.  I say that because I've been finding that I can open a Facebook in a new tab, and in that new tab, choose to surf FB as my page.

Then I can go back to the first tab, hit refresh (not sure if I need to or not, but better safe than sorry), and share the content to my page.  Then I can close one of my tabs and go back to being myself.
Of course becoming myself takes my to my own profile page instead of leaving me where I am.

I'm sure that Facebook is going through some hurdles making whatever new adjustments they're working on in the background.  I find these new updates to the infrastructure to be additional hurdles to being productive with my pages.

Maybe I have too many pages.  Maybe I've become to acclimated to doing it the easier, established way over these last few years.  Maybe they want to make it more challenging to use pages... for some reason.

Either way, there ya go.  How I tackled the newest changes to Facebook and their Pages management.

For some, others have already been dealing with this change.  For me, I just encountered it.  And as this change rolls out to various waves of users, there are still many who might not have encountered this change yet.

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