Happy Donuts reopens

Remember when the folks running Happy Donuts in Palo Alto closed down because they could not renew their lease? The folks at the location had found themselves a new location.

But I drove by the location today and discovered that the donut shop has reopened.  (In fact, it seems to have opened a week after it closed.)

The signs on the store say under new management.

Upon doing some reearch, I found some interesting information.

Turns out that our Happy Donuts folks who could not renegotiate their contract, lost their shop to the owner of the shop itself.

And then the owner of the building was the one that reopened the shop.

It turns out he used to run the Donut shop with his kids, but when they went to college, he leased the location and business out to a couple of former employees.

But with his renters out of the way, the owner stepped back in and started the popular business back up.

That's good news for fans of the shop who have come to depend on the 24-hr shop.

To me it sounds like a fishy situation for the previous renters. But then again, this is donuts, not fish.

source: paloaltoonline

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