NoScript For Chrome, No, But I Did Find Something Else

Jeeze, how many ads can a website put on a Post!!!

I just loaded up on my unprotected browser and was shocked what I was pummeled with.

  • First, there was a giant header banner that popped into my window. I stopped and "closed" that.
  • Then a new video window popped up that I closed.
  • Then a video in the lower left corner of my screen popped up, so I closed that.
  • Then it dawned on me why YouTube videos are embedded in websites, as I had to pull an ad that popped up over the YouTube vid.
  • And then there was an ad IN the YT video.

AND this was all in the first 22 seconds of the 2-min video.

WTF, does everyone out there always put up with this bullshit?

The above was part of my browsing experience with my Chrome browser. Normally I use FireFox with the addons NoScript and AdBlock active.

I went to a Chrome BB to see about NoScript. One poor fool asked if there was a NoScript equivalent for Chrome. The poor guy was slammed with a bunch of replies NOT related to his question. WTH is up with programmer wannabes that have to show off instead of answering a guys question? Wow.

(But I did learn you can click on the little green padlock and choose settings, and from there, you can disable javascript on all sites!)

After tooling around my answers I found a few options and one of them was



I have seen suggestions for ScriptNo (ScriptSafe) (3.97 rating after 929 votes) and a thing called "HTTP Switchboard." But I'm going to run with AdBlock for a while.


According to 'Make Use Of,' the better security and privacy extensions include (user rating/# of ratings)

  • AdBlock Plus (4.47 / 76,393)
  • Ghostery (4.78 / 7055)
  • WOT (4.59 / 4,652) (Adds trust ratings to search results)
  • Proxy SwitchySharp (4.75 / 4800+)


They have more, but these are the relevant extensions and such that I am focused on.

What I find is how the Google Store is pretty distracting on that front page. So I clicked the four stars and up option and suddenly I have a distinct list of favored extensions, addons and what not. So I tried the 'five star' option.

I just wish I could sort this page by number of reviews. That would be the telling filter, would it not?

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