2014 Ford Focus Recalls, A Consumer Alert

Ford Focus recall

Last year a friend of mine was looking to buy a car and they ended up with a 2014 Ford Focus. Now, a year later, they are driving on eggshells, worried that their transmission is going to quit/fail on them during any drive they make. And that's no way to live your life!

What they did not know about when searching for cars to buy, is that the 2014, 2013 Ford Focus models have some kind of issue with their transmissions. What I CAN'T believe is that they bought it from a Ford dealership!!!

I started looking around for reports about this transmission issues and sure enough, there they are (all info or quotes can be found at the source links at the bottom of this piece):

"It was fine for the first 7,500 miles but soon after it started to shutter, rumble, and vibrate at stops and jump while going into second gear. I haven't noticed any problems on the highway but in reading the other reviews, I'm scared. "

I love this Edmunds review title: "Found on Road Dead ...Comfy to wait for help in?" This reviewer said their car rolls backward on hills.


Over on Consumer Affairs, the top complaints are,

"2014 Ford Focus - Having trouble just like many others with the transmission shifting. It shudders and grinds and hesitates."

Other notes are shaking transmission, hesitation shifting, and shuddering transmissions.


The thing is that these transmission issues go back to at least 2013.

If you have a 2014 Ford Focus, cars.com is reporting that there are five active recalls going on for "your" car.

Recall Number: 13V523000Recall Date: 10/30/2013

Recall Number: 14V495000Recall Date: 08/11/2014

Recall Number: 14V514000Recall Date: 08/22/2014
Component: STEERING

Recall Number: 14V525000Recall Date: 09/02/2014

Recall Number: 15V005000Recall Date: 01/09/2015


And I found a report over on Pittsburgh Action News 4 that there are hundreds of complaints about this pesky transmission problem.

Aaaand if you want to join 700 new friends, you could always jump in on the Ford Focus Lemon Owners group over on Facebook.

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The moral of this story is while used car shopping, once you have a car to buy in your sites, do a quickie research on that car. Period. Take the time and do it.

For what I posted here, I just did a web search for the car itself, and BAM, all kinds of things came up for it.

I have been driving Ford F-150s for quite a few years and something like this shocks me. Then again, their F-150 line is their pride and joy and has been for quite a few years, being one of, if not, the all-time best selling vehicle on the market.

But this sucks for those who happenstance right into the middle of this crap scenario, and can't back out easily.

Just saying...  Buyer beware, buyer be smart and don't get swangled into something like this.  I know it sucks coming out the other end as a victim but the only thing you can do is let folks know in the most constructive communication possible, what's happening to you and act accordingly with your wallet in the future.

(Why yes, I just made up the word swangled. It's like swindled and wrangled, all into one.)

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