Barbara's Snackimals Cookies - A Possible Concern

The following is hearsay, but I felt it is warranted to put this out there for anyone who might see this. IF in doubt, call the company to confirm or deny. This is in no way a report stating such, but rather, a curious observation being passed on by Consumer Bits.


Today I saw a post on a group on FaceBook about a user's experience with some cookies. It's a good group with great people, so I am giving the concern a warranted bit of attention.

With that said, here's what I saw:

A user typed out to not eat Barbara's Snackimals cookies for a while. According to the posting user, their son ate some and said they did not taste right and started to feel "dizzy." Then the user's mother tried one and had the same experience.

They bought the cookies two days ago (Jul 7, 2015). 

They called Barbara's with their concerns and according to the FB user, they told them that "they are getting multiple calls with the same complaint."

The user sent in samples for testing.  She also indicated that Nob Hill would "take them off the shelf."


As a precaution, you may want to contact the company if you have these cookies in your possession or if you have eaten them and experienced the same affects.

(header image by Stuart Miles from FreeDigitalPhotos_net)

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