My JIFFY LUBE Failed Consumer Experience

My JIFFY LUBE Failed Consumer Experience

My 2014 Ford F-150 has been badgering me (as if I am an idiot who does not remember) about my upcoming 10,000 mile oil change. But that's for another post.  Right now I thought, due to my circumstances, that I would take my truck to a Jiffy Lube!

First I started looking up reviews of any Jiffy Lubes around me, but the reviews I was seeing were making me nervous. The Morgan Hill, CA location had one review and it was a weird review. One San Jose location near me had a 2.1/5 review score.  After 11 reviews, this one in San Jose has a 3.4 rating.

But the location I used to go to all the time had good reviews so I went there a week ago. This Jiffy Lube is located at 4195 El Camino Real in Palo Alto, CA.

One week ago I went there on a Friday around 11:45 and there was no waiting. But I was told that they were short-staffed and that if I wanted to wait around at least 30 minutes for them to take a lunch break, they could take care of me.

That did not work for me so I left. I figured I would come back the next week (today, Friday, Jul 10, 2015) and try it again.

I pulled in today, intentionally turning off my radio, before they pulled my truck in to the bay. They took me into the office and showed me the amenities, bathroom, coffee, magazines, TV.

They went to work on my work. I heard music blasting from the bay. Hey, sounds like a cool work environment.**

Then it all went downhill.

-The Keurig coffee maker had no water. (Which I found out after wasting a K-cup and some cream.)

-They did not have my oil filter in stock.

-Their off-site parts source did not have my oil filter.

-They called two other Jiffy Lube locations, and one did have my filter.

I decided to leave and made arrangements with another oil change provider.

**Remember that music I heard coming out of the work bay? Yea, with me in the waiting room, looking right at them through the glass, I did not realize they took it upon themselves to turn my radio on and change the channel on my radio and blast the place with my sound system. They were enjoying how loud the radio system was. I did not realize it was my radio. If they had the where-with-all to put the damn radio channel back where I had it, I would not have noticed they were f*ing with my radio.

All this within the five minutes they had my truck in the bay. WTF Jiffy Lube?

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Update: BTW, the reason I wanted to check out Jiffy Lube was that my oil change there would have cost a touch over $50. At 'The Ford Store' in Morgan Hill, CA, where it was  done right, was a $117 charge. Yes, dealerships are twice as much and there's one bit of proof.

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