The Best Junk Email Filter Practice Ever!

How to keep your personal email inbox clear of clutter

This is a quickie note on how to prepare your email inbox for potential and anticipated spam.

So every now and then I find myself entering contests or supplying an email address to various entities for whatever BS excuse they have whether it be via Craigslist or what not. I've been loathe to provide my real email address, that's for sure. I like my personal inbox to be as clean as possible.


What I have done is something I am pretty proud of and happy with.

Now I don't know how it is in Yahoo email, since it's a fairly limited and clunky interface compared to Google's Gmail, so I've set up a spare email on Gmail to create this new or second email address with.

Choose a reasonable email address so it does not stand out as fishy, especially with online bb's you might interact with. So try to avoid "MySpamBoxForYou" or "BiteMeDipShits" and such, because believe it or not, every now and then you will use it for a real purpose, making this new email address an additional buffer at first.

Plus don't use any part of your real email address that someone might be able to figure out. Then this might be all for naught. So something neutral but not too crazy. You really want it to appear real enough. Because you never know. And trust me, I thought I did.

Once set up in this new email, set up your filters to send all incoming email to your trash!

Boom, that's it.

Why trash? 

Because for one, since this is your BS email, it does not matter what lands there, right? Including all the junk mail you'll eventually start getting.

Secondly, Gmail auto-deletes (or is supposed to) trash over 30 days old, so it's always auto-cleaning your content.

Now if you do this, you need to think of a few things here:

One: If you start some kind of relationship with an entity from say, Craigslist, you need to swap out emails to a real email sooner or later. Trust me, it just gets complicated that you have to start constantly weeding through your trash to find real emails.

Two: You have to remember to keep an eye out for that email that will someday say you won, if you used this junk email address to enter contests with, like I do. All the time.

That's my tip of the day, off the top of my head.

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