Samsung GALAXY S6: I Figured Out How To Turn Off Select Blinking LED Indicators

SAMSUNG Galazy S6 - figured out the LEDs

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S6 for a few weeks now, after having divested myself of a huge POS Motorola phone. But as I became acclimated with my Galaxy S6, I started wanting to customize it to my own liking. In this case, I wanted to kill the flashing LED lights. I don't need them.

But as I cruised the web it seemed that everyone was saying that you can either turn all the LED lights off or none, and that there was no selective service to pick and choose which LED notification to smite on the S6.

But I think I figured out how to block certain LEDs from winking at me.

I went to

'Settings,' then

'Sound and notification.'

Under there, I opened up 'App notifications.'

It is under 'App Notifications' that you can actually block apps from activating the LED light and posting symbols to your task bar on top.

In this section, select your chosen app, and then I turned on 'Block notifications.'

I know some folks like not having the LED but seeing the symbol at the top of their screen telling them there's an update of some sort. But for me, I tend to open my critical apps anyway, so the logo up top is redundant for me.

At this time, early testing seems to be successful. I hope that is true for the long run. If not, I'll update this post.

One other thing:

When someone posts that they need help with an aspect of a phone or computer program, for those of you technically savvy, have you ever once, tried to read the request from the poster's point of view? I only ask because sometimes the answers one gets for a question like this, that has answers, are just amazing/befuddling. Quit showing off, take a bite of humble pie and try to answer the question they presented and quit trying to coach them into your world. You aren't doing anyone any service otherwise.

Just saying.

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