Background Investigation Sites Sell Your Email Addresses

The other day I talked about how after I tried a test run on an online background investigation website, I started getting spam to an ordinarily quiet email account. background investigation sites warning

Quiet meaning I only saw about 10 spam emails a month.

So I used my test email account, signed up for trying this BI site. It took a long time in an interactive session, making a show of how much data it was digging up on me, and from some of the questions it asked during the process, it seemed reasonable, like it truly was digging up info on me.

But after the "test," is when things got interesting.

Because as far as I can tell, they sell your email addresses to spammers.

Why do I say that?

Remember that quiet email address I mentioned above? After I signed up, I started averaging over 30 spam emails a day. And since Feb 2nd, just shy of one month, I now have 423 junk emails in my Gmail spam folder.

They are mostly all "hook up" spams, but hey, I'm glad I used a test email account designed for bullshit like this, or I'd be honestly pissed and I'd be doing more than just writing about it.

Any way, thought you should know.

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