Beware Those Needing Help & Be Careful Who You Open Your Door To

Be Careful Who You Open Your Door To

We always want to help people, it's in (most of) our nature. But when we offer our assistance, we still have to be very careful and in the process, can become vulnerable. I've seen where people stop to help traffic accident victims, rushing in from their car, while evil-doers steal their rescuers car. And other such events. Below, is an excerpt from a neighborhood  Facebook group I am a part of, and in it, is an excellent illustration of a real-life scam.

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Last night at around 8:15pm, my elderly mother opened the door to a teen girl who was banging on our door, acting frantic, insisting my mother let her use her phone as her phone was stolen by someone who jumped her.

When I overheard what was happening, I jumped in. The girl was incoherent and managed to mutter her friend needed help and was up in the cemetery. This girl had cuts on her face and a bloody mouth. She then spit out a tooth on our porch!

I had my phone in my hand and she was reaching for it insisting I let her use it to 'call someone'. She began to walk into our house. I said, 'No!' and pointed toward the outside. She backed up and was again on the porch. Her friend then ran up. She also had cuts and a black eye! Neither of them would tell me what was going on. The young lady was aggressive, incoherent and not cooperative enough for me to feel comfortable with assisting fully.

I told them I was calling 911 and to be prepared for the POLICE to arrive to assist them. She again reached for my phone and I rebuffed her attempt, stating that the POLICE would help.

The 911 operator asked me to ask them for a description of the assailant(s). They just said they didn't know. Every question was met with that answer. They seemed to be covering something up.

That's when she and her friend took off back up into the cemetery where I could see a second car pull up to theirs, and then they both drove off. I couldn't get a description of the cars because it was dark. All I could see were just tail lights.

It's human nature to want to help. I think that's why Mom was conflicted. I had to quickly assess what I thought was right to do.  I told my mother not to open the door to strangers. If I weren't home, no telling how things could've panned out. Be careful who you open your door to.

If this was a scam, it was a convincing one. They were both obviously roughed up by someone or at least appeared to have been roughed up. I had asked who the girl wanted to call using my phone, thinking she say the police or paramedics. She said, 'a friend'. Nope. I made the judgement for 911. Whatever happened, I can't figure it out..but they were both not cooperating with the full story, so I have to go with my gut feeling.

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