MyPillow Fined A Million For False Advertising

MY PILLOW fined for false advertising

This is an excellent example of what consumer research can do for you!

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Today we learned that the maker of MyPillow, is going to be paying out a million settlement fee/fine for false advertising. The product TV ads used to say that folks having trouble with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea can benefit from using their pillow.

Apparently they made these and other claims, without the backing of any kind of human trial!


But off these claims, they've sold over 18 million pillows. I'm thinking a million is a little easy to get off with!

But how is this an example of consumer research?  Easy!

A few months ago I saw an ad for the pillow and their sales pitch caught my eye, as I thought to myself that I could use that pillow.

But then I did what I always do when I see something that catches my eye. I hit up the web and did some research. When I looked up 'consumer reviews my pillow,' I saw enough skepticism and other kinds of remarks about the product that sent me scurrying off to the land of "I did not spend $100 on a pillow!"

And I moved on.

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Moral of the story... Don't trust what the advertisers say. They're out to sell things. Instead, always check on consumer reviews or reports and judge for yourself if something is worth looking into or buying.

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