A Cheater's Way To Add Blank Lines Between Spreadsheet Lines

So there you have it, a sorted list of titles or names or what not, all neat and tidy in your Excel spreadsheet. Or what ever other app you use. But when you post it, you get a look you don't like. It feels crowded and you would feel better if you had a space between each item in your list because if you wanted to copy and paste it into a blog post or something like that, it would just look a little better. Right?

Fine. I know there are fancy ways to add blank lines between every line in Excel but I'm tired of trying to remember it or continually look it up.  But I have a method that is very very easy to remember.  Here it goes.

And of course, I did this in Excel, but should work in any spreadsheet program.

-  Input your list of titles in a column.

-  Sort that list alphabetically, or however you want to.

-  In the column just left of your entries, add numbers next to your titles. 1, 3, 5, 7... one per title so each title has a number to the left of it.

-  Then highlight those four numbers, grab the highlight anchor and drag it down the spreadsheet so that the numbers are continued on down the page next to your titles. So now you have a list of odd numbers next to your titles, each title with one number next to it.

-  Now take note of the last number you have. In my case, I had 153.

-  Below your titles on the spreadsheet, but in the same column that you have your odd numbers, type a new set of numbers going down your page, but this time, make them even numbered.  2, 4, 6, 8, 10... 

-  Highlight these new numbers, and drag down your page, until they go past 153. So now you have a column of even numbers.  And it's important that you did this below the column of odd numbers, continuing down and extending the length of that column.

-  Now go to the top, highlight the column of numbers and your titles, then sort the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4... and boom, you now have a list of titles, with a line space between each title. Now you can copy and paste as needed.


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