CAR WRECK VIDEOS - Something To Learn From Actually


Sure, I find myself following and watching YouTube videos of car wrecks in public. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but to be honest, it's also a great learning tool to boot.


In day to day life, we don't see the accidents that claim a lot of cars or terrible event that we only read about in the news or watch on TV. And fictional car wrecks are not that real. But when you watch these video from various dash cams, there can be a lot learned about various ways accidents can occur or what happens during and after a wreck.

Too many times I watch these and see how someone who causes a wreck from their own stupidity can actually get people on the far side of the freeway or even the oncoming traffic side involved.

These events can range from a car making too fast of a lane change for their own skill levels, to semi drivers taking a turn just a tiny bit too fast.

But one of the most common issues in these videos, are the innocent people getting caught up. Or why you don't stand near recovery efforts. Then again, there is also a ton of bad judgement taking place in these films.

But you can also learn how cars spin, and then counter-spin in wrecks when folks over-correct.

You don't need to watch the entire length of each video, but you have to at least catch the first minute or two of each.

I can attest to the fact that at least the first few minutes of the first video is pretty benign. The second video has one scene where you could imagine something bad happened to a driver, band the third seems to show folks making stupid decisions.

Either way, I see these as great experience or learning tools. But then again, I drive a two-lane road going home, so now I get a little more itchy on my commute. But being itchy is better than being so relaxed that you don't expect anything and getting caught by surprise.

The first few minutes of each video pretty much spells it out:




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