SiriusXM's Christmas Channels Are Lacking This Year

Normally, this time of year I tune into SiriusXM's channels that are dedicated to Christmas music 24/7 and enjoy a lot of the classics and some newer spins on originals. But this year I am finding that their country music station is the one sticking to the good old, classic feel. (With a little twang sometimes.)

And this year, like many, they offer multiple channels:

Holiday Traditions (Ch. 4)
Holiday Soul (Ch. 49)
Country Christmas (Ch. 58)
Holly (Ch. 70)
Holiday Pops (Ch. 76)
Radio Hanukkah (Ch. 77)
Navidad (Ch. 785)

Normally I gravitate to Traditions and Holly, and stay away from everything else. But this year, zoinks!


Disclaimer: I am not a country music fan.
Disclaimer 2: I know they have to present a large variety to keep the masses from getting burned out on 30 days of music.


This year, they have dug deep into the vaults of holiday music for channels 4 and 70 and have dug up what I can only call, complete and utter shit that's ruining my festive spirit.

Some of the the time on 4 and 70, we do get the classics we all know and love or other artists reproducing them close to faithful, but right now we're listening to folks who are making the originals their own. Their painful own. At least for my taste.

So what I've been finding is that channel 58, the Country Christmas Music station, is the audible destination for my holiday enjoyment on SiriusXM. Most offerings are presenting the classic songs in mostly their original pace or intent, and some, with just a tiny bit of that country twang to it.

If it weren't for Ch. 58, I would have found myself stuck on the few terrestrial radio stations dedicated to playing Christmas music that I have earmarked, which, for now, are comparatively hitting it out of the park.

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