Disabling Samsung's Annoying BRIEFING Function

I've had my Samsung S6 for almost two years now, and suddenly, I'm starting to get these news headline updates. Not sure when I asked Samsung to start showing me these updates... oh wait, NEVER!

But no worries. I found multiple suggestions on how to silence the Samsung Galaxy Briefing updates, but as far as I know, despite the first two options sounding promising, they didn't work for this humble user. I kept getting notices. So I got ticked enough to start digging beyond the first easy answers and found the following out...

First, the "fix" that did not work for me:

Long press the home screen,
Swipe to the right to get to the Flipboard screen,(See header image)
You can hit the 'turn off' switch at the top right of the screen.

Seems easy enough. But I kept getting notifications in my info bar on the top of my screen. Grr.


Another option I discovered was to wait for the next notification and long-press the notification for options to come up.

Sorry but I'm not patient enough to wait for tomorrow. I've already been putting up with this crap for long enough, like since my latest phone update.

(WTH is up with the updates that change preferences and what not on you?)


This SHOULD work...

Head off to your Apps Manager, but when you look around in your apps, you won't see the Briefing app. (Unless you've already done the next step.)

If you press the three dots in the upper right corner of your Application Manager, you'll see an option to 'Show System Apps.'  Hehe. Press that, then go back and find 'Briefing.'

For me, I hit 'Force Stop' then 'Disable' the f*r!

Hopefully that works. It should because I've disabled other apps the same way rather successfully.

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