Adding The Quickedit Link To EMPORIO, CONTEMPO, SOHO or NOTABLE Themes

Have You Noticed The Google Blogger "Show Quick Editing" Link Missing for EMPORIO, CONTEMPO, SOHO and NOTABLE Themes?

I'm going to show you how to fix that in a minute here.

I'm sure you've noticed it by now, but if you've started using the new and wonderful Emporio, Contempo, Soho and Notable themes under Google's Blogger platform, you might have noticed a few things you cannot set up under the new themes.

For me the missing feature that is tripping me up the most is the quickedit option. It's grayed out so I can't activate it, and to be honest, having that little pencil at the bottom of a post is a very handy shortcut versus trying to find a post via your Blogger control panel, right?

If you do a web search you'll see that from many different support forums that everyone knows this feature is missing. So you would think Google knows and the issue may get resolved some time in the future. Whenever that might be.

One support forum indicated that when the feature gets fixed, site operators will be notified.

But in the meantime, there is one great quick fix users can do to add the quickedit option to their site interface.

Adding Quickedit Link to Emporio, Contempo, Soho and Notable Themes

There's an easy fix for adding the quickedit option to themes like Emporio but the only catch is that it's only available for the CHROME web browser.

Head off to the Google Chrome store to snag an extesion at

And add the  'Blogspot Quickedit Links' to your browser.

What it does is it 'Adds quickedit links for the new Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable themes, for a user-specified set of blogspot URLs.'

Once you add the addon, just add any and all URL links for the addon to work with, much like I did below for this site:

I've included my custom URL web address which also points to the actual blogger site URL, as they've instructed to users to do. (Yes, they indicate not to add the https:// scheme nor any trailing slashes.)

And that's it. Once added, you have quickedit links back in play. At least for Chrome browser users. Here's hoping one gets created for the FireFox community soon too!

One observation is that I can get this working for one of my Blogger sites, but not another. I'm not sure why yet, but I'm looking into it. At least it works for the site I really needed it for.

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